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The company runs strictly under all requirements of the Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 and implements complete Quality Management and Controlling.
The company has established quality control procedures mainly as follows: product design review, supplier quality management, material inspection, production process control, product test, run quality feedback, etc., which provide effective management framework for guarantee of product quality and continuous improvement.
The company has established the Quality Management Department with professional quality management team, which is directed by General Manager directly.
The company processes professional quality inspecting and testing equipment that provide sufficient resources and technical supporting for quality control.

Experimental Generator Center: Experimental Center for generator is capable of conduct complete simulation running test for any generator. In order to realize the non- defect of produced generator before its delivery, the following tests must be performed: pressure test, short-circuit test, iron loss test, anticorona test, vibration test, noise test, detection of electromagnetic
parameters, bearing temperature rise test, bearing oil observation, motor ventilation observation, low-load power generation testing, etc.
Dynamic Balancing Test Center: Balancing test is capable of effectively measuring dynamic equilibrium status of  any rotating parts, of which the result will show any minor unbalance (accurate to 0.01 grams) through computer sub-phase display, making the weight distribution of all rotating parts more scientific, reasonable and accurate, and thus automatically and naturally
ensuring  perfect operation. Therefore, such test is highly competentof absolutely eliminating any abnormal operation caused by uneven weight distribution while processing.

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