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Customized Design: Senior experts select power plant equipments for you, making full use of the water resources scientifically, and realizing optimal yield on your investment.
EPC Design: With professional capacity of electromechanical system design and product design, we can provide complete services from the complete system design of electromechanical equipment for the whole plant, design of main equipment, check on auxiliary equipments, installation engineering design, to the scheme of testing and commissioning, we can realize the most reasonable collocation for your power plant to saving your time and energy during the construction.

Mature product scheme: with 40 years¨ technical accumulation, more than 3000 sets of turbine-generator units operation experience, our producing technology become more and more mature and reliable.Advanced new product technology: our new developed moveable blade pit type tubular (GZ) turbine and generator units have large application range, can be used in low head power plant with unit capacity below 10MW, with higher efficiency than shaft-extension type tubular and Francis units, with less cost than bulb tubular units, and it is convenient to operate and maintain. The Asynchronous Hydro Generator developed by our company reaches advanced level in China, can satisfy the requirements of many foreign clients.

Profound technical supporting team: We established long term cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hunan University, and Tianjin Design and Research Institute of Electric Drive (TRIED), and we have a group of top experts as our consultants, such as Mr. Guoren He, making us more reliable and advanced.

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