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Leaders and Experts Visited our factory





From November 1 to 2, 2012,  a 5- people delegation including  the Secretary-General of China's hydropower industry association Song Guilin,  Chief of Jilin Tonghua City  Hydropower Bureau and Chief Engineer Jia Yongde visited our company to inspect and guide our work.  Guests visited the workshop and attended a seminar with technicians to communicate technical issues about relative projects. Guests viewed the factory, seeing the scene that spare parts placed neatly in the factory and workers are busy working then said emotionally:^Your  factory situation is outstanding. Workers pay close attention to quality. Products allow users to rest assured. ̄ Therefore, Secretary-General  Song is deeply moved and said: ^I have been to Shaoyang factory for three times. This time impressed me most. Generally speaking, the overall situation of the national hydroelectric equipment factory is not very optimistic this year. While Shaoyang factory is in prosperity and succeed in both manufacture and sales. Especially people are in up state of spirits, and have a very deep sense of close unity , positive and enthusiastic, such as raising to learn from Jinhua Factory, making great efforts to improve product quality.  It turns out to be that product quality, especially runner working and appearance has been significant progressed .

Mr. Chen Gao Hong, our General Manager, accompanied the guests to visit, reported the condition of the factory, and said, we must continue to work hard, and live up to the expectations of  hydropower industry associations and users, to produce more and better products to meet the needs of users.


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